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Water Service

Water Service

Turn Your Water On Or Off

For initiating or discontinuing water service, please get in touch with our District office at (805) 646-3403, and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through the process. To ensure a smooth transition, we kindly request that you contact VRWD at least 3 business days before your desired service start date. Please note that we do not process service requests on non-business days.

Our Water Service Application is readily available in our Form Center for your convenience. Once you've completed the application, you can forward it to us at customerservice@vrwd.ca.gov. If you're a renter, please be aware that you'll need the property owner's permission to establish the water service in your name. Completion of the Owner Renter Authorization is required. Your proactive communication helps us provide you with the best service.

You may also start/stop service in person by visiting our office location at:
Ventura River Water District
409 Old Baldwin Rd
Ojai, CA 93023

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Temporary Water Service

Metered water service can be temporarily accessed from a fire hydrant located within the District's vicinity for use within the District boundaries. This service is particularly beneficial for construction projects and other activities that require water on a short-term basis.

For service, you will need to provide a refundable deposit and complete the Hydrant Meter Application from the District. There is a non-refundable setup fee, a moving fee each time the meter is relocated to a new site, and water consumption is billed monthly based on usage volume.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact our office at (805) 646-3403 and speak with one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives. You can also find the application in our Form Center for your convenience. We're here to assist you with your temporary water service needs.

Report Water Waste

If this is an emergency, such as a water main break or major leak, please call 805-646-3403. If it is outside of office hours call 805-389-6700.

Concerned about water waste in your area? You can play a part in conserving this precious resource. If you notice any instances of water waste, you can report them anonymously by calling our office at 805-646-3403. Your vigilant eye helps us in ensuring efficient water usage within our community. Together, we can make a difference while preserving our valuable water resources.

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Ventura River Water District collaborates with the County of Ventura to administer our Cross Connection Control Program, a vital measure to safeguard the purity of our drinking water. This program guards against "backflow," the undesirable reversal of water flow that could potentially introduce contaminants and pollutants into our water supply.

Backflow can occur due to backsiphonage or backpressure, stemming from factors like low pressure in the drinking water system, backpressure from recirculating pumps, or variations in piping elevation or well levels.

To ensure the effectiveness of this program, it is the customer's responsibility to install a backflow prevention assembly and comply with annual testing and maintenance requirements. Failing to do so may result in penalties and the potential for water service disconnection. Your cooperation is essential in maintaining the safety and quality of our water supply.

Important Backflow Websites:

Backflow FAQ’s https://www.abpa.org/page/FAQ

For more information visit the County of Ventura visit https://vcrma.org/en/backflow-prevention

Click here for a list of Certified Testers

A Valve
Call 811 before you dig

Call before you dig



To ensure safety and prevent damage to underground pipelines, it's essential to contact Underground Service Alert before you begin any digging. These utility pipelines can be situated virtually anywhere, including beneath streets, sidewalks, and private property, often just inches below the surface. Accidentally striking one of these pipelines during excavation, planting, or demolition work can lead to severe injuries, property damage, and utility service disruptions.

Whether you're embarking on a major development project or simply enhancing your landscaping, it's crucial to submit a request online through our portal (https://newtinb.digalert.org/direct/) or dial 811. This service is free and available to all. Once contacted, representatives will collaborate with us and other utility owners in your area to mark the precise locations of buried utility lines, promoting a safer and more secure working environment.